Swanek Park Update

The wheels are in motion to start the improvements in Swanek Park. Here are some highlights from the meeting this week:

  1. Correcting the drainage has been identified as the number one priority. We can expect this to begin as early as Fall, 2011.
  2. An asphalt walking path will be built along the perimeter of the park
  3. Improvements will be made to the baseball diamond, including new benches and bleachers
  4. The existing play structure will be changed (with the exception of the rope climber which is relatively new). New swings, a play structure and a trellis structure to provide shade are also in the works.
  5. A community notice board will be installed at the Queenslea entrance where residents can get/post information about what is going on in the community.

Most community members seemed pleased with the proposed plans. Now we have to get funding. It is estimated that this improvement will cost approximately $500, 000.00 (much of that is due to the severe drainage problem). It is expected that the improvements will take place in phases (each phase when funding is available).

Many thanks to Councillor Nunziata and City of Toronto Staff for putting these plans together. And a huge thank you to the Pelmo Swanek Community Association (PSCA), especially Brad Swanek and Ross Parry for the hard work and time they have put into this project (my apologies if I have omitted anybody).

On a different note, there was some talk of the possibility of having a Neighbour’s Night Out BBQ at the park this summer. If you are interested, leave a comment here or send an email to Adam here on WestonWeb  (he will pass it along to me, Nicole) and I will make sure to inform the PSCA.

11 thoughts on “Swanek Park Update”

  1. Didn’t we already have a Neighbours Night Out? The price seems really high for Swanek….is it because of the drainage? For that kind of money I was hoping for a splash pad and ice rink.

  2. John:

    Yes, Elm Park had a NNO last week. An event at Swanek might attract more people from the Pelmo/Swanek area who might not necessarily go to something at Elm Park. Last year’s event that was held in Swanek had a great turnout, mind you, we were meeting to discuss the possibility of losing the park to a school.

    The high cost is due to the drainage problem. Apparently it is going to be quite an extensive job. I don’t know how familiar you are with the park, but many people don’t even attempt to enter via the Queenslea entrance in the spring (after the thaw) or after rain because they find themselves up to their ankles in water!

    As for the ice rink and splash pad – I too was really looking forward to those things. Brad and Ross explained at the meeting that when making the plans for the park, they looked at common suggestions that they got from residents and that some things were not requested by many people. I was surprised to hear that someone was interested in having a parking lot inside the park!

    They also mentioned that because we have a few parks in the area that are in close proximity to one another, they are trying to have different things at each park to serve the needs of the community as one park can’t have everything.

  3. Do any of the parks have a splash pad or an ice rink?
    I find it hard to believe that people were asking for more swing sets. Actually when you think about it, parkng seems like a reasonable request, and I wonder if thats why the park is under utilized for its size?

  4. I do not know of any splash pads/ice rinks, that is why I was looking forward to the prospect.

    Street parking is available directly outside of each entrance. The people who play baseball don’t seem to have a problem, parking on the street and walking the very short distance in.

    Because this is a community park, unlike larger parks like High Park & Centennial Park which draw people from all over the city, they expect that most people will walk there.

  5. Weston Village had the NNO, it just happens to be on Elm Street.

    There is a splash pad at Lawrence west of Weston Road at the north end of Lions Park along with the skateboard park.

    Wasn’t there a similar type of budget proposed for the Grattan Street Park improvement ($300,000 or more) which is a tiny park compared to Swanek. Come to think of it what happened to that proposed improvement?

  6. Grattan Park was completely redone last summer. In my opinion, it is best suited for very young children.

  7. Hi, great website.
    $500,000 is alot of money for what we are getting. Lions Park is too far, and I am sure we could use another splash pad in Weston.
    I agree that Neighbours Night Out already happenned, so why would there be another?

  8. Nicole, I heard they didn’t spend the $300,000 that was thrown around at the community meetings but instead spent something just over $100,000 on the project.

    Any investment in the community is a good one even if people aren’t using it much now, they might in the future.

    We pay our tax dollars and expect improvements, not just letting the community fall apart.

    Now if they could just fix some of the roads, my suspension is taking a beating this year around Weston. Sometimes I think that Weston is the community the City likes to forget. This community is after all the second poorest in Ontario! Yes, not just the second poorest in the City but the second poorest in the Province. Boggles the mind doesn’t it?

  9. I’m moving to Queenslea Ave in less than 2 weeks am so happy to read about these improvements they will be making to the park. With that said, I have a 3 year old and a newborn and would LOVE to see a splash pad! That would have been awesome. I wonder if there is anyway to petition for it? 🙂

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