Sweet vegan restaurant in Mount Dennis

Mount Dennis gets all the nice things.

The one-true-love and I picked up dinner last night from the newish V’s vegan restaurant at 1221 Weston Road. Be certain: Our town doesn’t deserve this kind of place.

The guys who own it are artists, making fantastic meatless Jamaican food. They don’t have a menu; instead they invent one every morning and post it to Instagram. This might sound too twee and Twittery, but don’t think they’re haughty. They have pretence like I have pectorals—after a bottle and with the lights out. I think they post only pictures because only the food matters.

The love and I had chickpeas, TVP, fried plantain and basmati rice. It was great. The TVP seemed to me like curried chicken or goat, but, lighter and softer, like deep fried Japanese tofu. The chickpeas were fine, but not nearly as exciting as the fried plantain, which was delicious—caramelized, a bit burned and soft. Wow.

You do have to arrive early though. At 6:30, they apologized for being sold out of much of the menu. The sign advertised many things I wish I’d been there for, maple jerk tofu especially, the perfect Canadian/Jamaican/vegan dish.

Takeout for two was a little less than $25.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Sweet vegan restaurant in Mount Dennis”

  1. This is a wonderful addition to any neighbourhood: amazing food and two happy extremely talented young men cooking and serving. The whole meal was delectable and we went for lunch so had the full range of choice and the cinnamon pumpkin squash stew, maple jerk tofu, fried plantain, rice and beans, sweet potato and potato mash, and fresh blueberry-watermelon juice (with mint leaves) left us smiling like the guys behind the counter.
    Magic, and so close!

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