Police make major arrest in Weston murders

Police made a spectacular arrest today of Mark Garfield Moore. The charges against this man read like a crime wave rather than one individual’s shocking deeds. He is accused of four murders around the city, including those of Courthney Facey and Mike James, who were murdered outside 1798 Weston Road last September 29. In addition there are many firearms-related charges.

All of the alleged offences took place in the relatively short timeframe between June and November of 2010. A number of related arrests have been made in what appears to be a major victory for the task force (Project Summit) specifically set up by Toronto Police to solve these cases. According to police, more arrests are forthcoming.

Det. Sgt Hank Idsinga told the CBC

Facey and James were gunned down for “no rhyme or reason,”

“Mr. Moore, allegedly, for unknown reasons, pulled up to them in his vehicle and shot and killed them.”

Facey, James and Spence had never had any contact with police and were not involved in any criminal activity.

The accused has another connection to Weston: his brother, Andre Moore, was suspected of shooting a police officer, Anthony Macias, outside the same apartment buildings at 1798 Weston Rd in 2001, according to the Globe and Mail. Andre Moore was shot dead three years ago. Macias, the police officer, was seriously injured.

Mark Moore was shot in the face in 2001 and this can be seen in his aspiring rapper¬†video where he tellingly shows off large amounts of cash and ‘bling’. Moore was not from Weston; he committed most of his crimes in Scarborough, and he was born and raised there.