11 storey building at 971 Weston proposed

The city has received an application to demolish the building at 971 Weston Road as part of a plan to build two 11-storey buildings on the lot that runs from 955–975 Weston Road, at the edge of Mount Dennis. The building is presently vacant.

The buildings would contain 617 rental units.

From the application

City staff have identified a number of issues to be resolved, including

  • Whether the plan aligns with the new Mount Dennis Planning Framework
  • “The proposed height, built form, massing, transition and scale of the towers and base building in relation to the existing and planned built form context of the area”
  • Whether the rents will be affordable
  • “The mix and size of dwelling units;”
  • Indoor and outdoor amenity space;
  • The quality of the building materials

Etobicoke York Community Council will consider the demolition application and a community consultation on April 19.

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