Shakespeare In Action needs help

Shakespeare In Action will be moving to Weston and into their first permanent studio home when Artscape Weston Common opens later this year. This will involve expenses for moving as well as furnishing the space in their new home.

SIA is asking the public for financial help with their move and has donation levels based on Shakespeare’s own Friends, Romans, Countrymen and a couple of higher categories.

Let’s hope Westonians can welcome this dynamic group to our community with some generous support. For more information about donation levels and how to donate, click here.

Upcoming events

Artscape will update the community on the plans for the cultural hub on November 14 at 6:00 at UrbanArts’ John Street location. They promise to share details on

Artscape hub

  • “The design of the hub – the types of spaces and facilities that the hub might offer
  • The types of activities and programs that may take place at the hub
  • The proposed visual identity, wayfinding and signage for the project
  • Next steps in the hub development and tenanting process”



Upcoming community consultation on John St apartment, storage space, Farmers’ Market, and Cultural Hub

The Etobicoke-York Community Council brought the Weston Hub and 30-storey tower one step closer to construction. The council ordered a community consultation at an as-yet unspecified location and time. At this meeting, residents will be asked for a reaction to the proposed:

  • 30-31 storey, 370-unit rental apartment building
  • 7 townhouses
  • 12,000 square-feet of community open space for the Farmers’ Market
  • 8000 square-foot Creative Cultural Hub and 26 affordable artist units
  • 40,000 square-feet (not a typo) of self-storage space in the ground floor of 33 King Street

The meeting, hosted by Councillor Frances Nunziata will be held on Wednesday, October 7 at Weston Collegiate Institute (100 Pine Street) beginning at 7:00 pm.*

Artscape will also be hosting a meeting to “discuss and develop ideas for the potential role of Weston’s new Community Cultural Hub”. That meeting will be October 15.

*Article amended to insert the date, time and location of the October 7 meeting.

Artscape survey online

Artscape has launched a website for Artscape Weston. They promise that

The vision for Artscape Weston Hub will be developed from the ground up in the local community and will respond to the needs and interests of neighbours, community partners and other local stakeholders . Plans for Artscape Weston Hub will be developed in response to this shared vision and the community will continue to have an important role to play in stewarding the project once it has opened.

You can also make (some of) your feelings felt through an online survey. The questions are for only the Artscape project, not the associated residential tower.

Your humble correspondent was most intrigued by the comparison Artscape makes between Weston and Wychwood Barns, a comparison first and most ably raised by Roy. Roy found the contrast to be, well, marked.

Artscape seems to be engaging in a little of what my high-power sales-executive friend calls ‘expectation management’

Is the Artscape Weston Hub meant to be the same as the Barns?

… In the case of the Barns, the opportunity that presented itself was a 60,000 square foot, city-owned, heritage building in search of a use. In the case of the Weston project, the opportunity came in the form of a request for proposals for a city-owned parking lot next to an underutilized grocery store and parking structure. 

While I am refreshed by this frank writing, as an aside, I remain puzzled about Artscape building nice spaces in nice places. They ‘transform communities‘, and building more where much exists is an odd way to do that.