Now we’re talking: beer and the history of Toronto

The Weston Historical Society is going to draw record crowds, I predict, with its newest meeting. Nick Pashley will be speaking on “Beer, the history of brewing in Toronto (and Canada).” Everyone is welcome and there will be refreshments (please, god, not coffee).

The meeting will be at 7:30 on Wednesday, February 1st, at The Village of Humber Heights Retirement Home.

Don’t shop sober

The Weston Superstore will be carrying beer, according to Laura Albanese’s office. Half of the brews will be from local small brewers, too, which is unusual.

Weston is lucky; only 58 groceries are getting beer in all of Ontario–though hundreds will eventually be added. We won’t get any luck at the checkout, though: the price of beer will be exactly the same.

The sale of beer in groceries ends a 88-year monopoly held by the private consortium that owns The Beer Store.