Bending The Rails

Over 60 people attended last night’s showing of Jeff Winch’s documentary ‘Bending The Rails’, which is about the plan to operate 140 diesel trains daily along the line that runs through the middle of Weston. Jeff’s documentary style is reminiscent of Michael Moore. In addition the inclusion of his daughter, Nellie, is used to highlight the vulnerability of people living along the rail corridor who will be affected by the increase in noise and air pollution. A picture emerges of an organized political effort to minimize these effects along with a stubborn refusal to consider electrification of the line anytime soon, even though electrification would be cheaper in the long run, allow faster transportation times, quieter and far less polluting. The driving force behind the line seems to be the 2015 Pan Am games. Even though the games will only last for two weeks, the airport link will be with us for a long time.

Afterwards, Jeff and York South-Weston MP Mike Sullivan (who once headed up the Clean Train Coalition) answered questions about the topic of the movie. Also present was Paul Ferreira, NDP candidate in Thursday’s Provincial Election.

Mike Sullivan (L) and Jeff Winch answer audience questions.

Bending The Rails

Just a quick reminder that the movie ‘Bending The Rails’ will be screened tonight at Weston Park Baptist Church (1871 Weston Road). The movie covers the proposal to run diesel trains between Union Station and Pearson Airport. There is no charge for admission and in addition, the maker of this documentary, Jeff Winch and MP Mike Sullivan will be there to answer questions.

Time: 7:00 – 9:00pm.