Nunziata makes asks at City Council

City Council last week was a long and brutal battle that included yelling, name calling, and tears. Little of the business had to do directly with Weston, but Frances Nunziata did have a few asks on the table.

Nunziata, true to form, was again after illegal after-hours bars. She asked the City Solicitor to consult with the AGCO and municipal licensing to see what can be done to deter the “violent crime, robberies, drugs, and prostitution [that[ are serious concerns associated with establishments with repeated liquor licence infractions.”

Nunziata also asked to prioritize a public meeting about sewage back ups and flooding. The next meeting was to be held in the fall of 2013. She asked for it to be done sooner.

Albanese’s bill passes second reading

Laura Albanese’s bill to create stiffer penalties for the operators of illegal after-hours clubs passed second reading in the legislature today with unanimous support. The bill will  make “neighbourhoods safe by making it easier for police to get access to establishments that operate as boozecans and would put stricter bail restrictions and penalties on repeat offender”, according to Albanese.

Laura Albanese reintroduces bill against boozecans

Now that the legislature is back in session, Laura Albanese has reintroduced her private member’s bill that would stiffen punishments for operating an illegal after-hours club. The bill died last year after second reading when the provincial legislature was prorogued.

Albanese’s bill would would make it easier for police to get access to the businesses that become after-hours bars and will put stricter bail restrictions and penalties on offenders.

Second reading of Bill 8 is scheduled for Thursday February 28th, 2013.

Albanese will introduce bill to combat booze cans

Laura Albanese, our MP, will introduced a private member’s bill that will increase punishments for operators of ‘booze can’s—illegal after-hours clubs. The bill passed first reading last week.

Weston has had a problem with booze cans in the past. Sketchy CD shops and late-night hair salons have been fronts for this kind of business. Illegal, of course, booze cans are also dangerous. Several shootings have occured outside them, both in Weston and around the city.

If passed, Albanese’s bill will make bail for a first offense tougher. Offenders will not be allowed to possess more alcohol that is “reasonable for personal use” and will not be able to enter illegal after-hours clubs. Her bill will add a minimum 7 day liquor license suspension, in addition to the stiff fines and imprisonment that already exist.

In her press release, Albanese said,

The Liquor Licence Amendment Act seeks to curb the illegal sale and service of alcohol and the operation of ‘booze cans’ by giving police the tools needed to deter offenders. Our neighbours want to feel safe on their streets, on their property, and in their homes. We need fewer people under the influence of alcohol selling drugs or stolen property. We don’t want bar patrons discharging firearms after they stagger out of a bar. Bar owners need to know they share the responsibility if their patrons take away a climate of peace and trust from our community