GO Transit is hiring. I think.

GO Transit is launching a local hiring initiative. The press release, printed below, is incomprehensible, but I think this much is clear: if you’re looking for a job, you might get one.

The GTS Project Employment Initiative officially launches today, October 4.  This initiative is a partnership between the City of Toronto Employment and Social Services and Metrolinx. It is focused on connecting interested individuals living in communities near the GTS Project with opportunities to pursue careers in civil engineering design and construction.

This is not just a jobs program. It is an integrated solution to bring the City of Toronto services, resources and partners together with the construction contractors to provide guidance, access to education/training and mentorship.

The program includes access to a City Career and Employment Information Specialist who will hold office hours on Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 12 noon beginning October 17 at the Weston Community Office. Also, community members looking for a career in the design and construction field can drop by any of the City of Toronto Employment and Social Services offices near the GTS Project. Services include individualized skills analysis, résumé support, access to training/education programs and pre-screening for job and apprenticeship opportunities.

I’m not, like, an English professor or anything (oh wait…), but I’d like to give the good PR people at GO a few tips:

  • Telling us what something is not (a jobs program) does not tell us what it is. Telling us that you have an “integrated solution” really doesn’t help unless we know what you’re integrating and what the problem was.
  • Those four really important sentences that start with “This”, “It”, “This” and “It”? They don’t mean anything at all. “It” and “This” are empty until you give a concrete reference, and “an initiative” isn’t very concrete–an initiative is, let’s be honest, a weasely way to get out of actually achieving anything. You can have plenty of successful “employment initiatives” without getting a single person a job. Tell us what you mean. You’ll make a lot more sense if your subjects are nouns and your verbs are actions.

Let me help you help us:

GO Transit wants to help you find a job. If you are looking for work in construction, contracting, or design, or if you’re looking for training or mentorship, come by our office at King Street. A career counsellor will help you find a job. Stop by on Wednesday between 9 and 12.
We are trying to help the communities we are building in. We have a lot of “partners” working on this “integrated solution” for “community outreach”, but all that sounds like a lot of bullshit and gherkin jerkin if you don’t have a job. Let’s get you one.

If you want to know more, for god’s sake, don’t ask me. Ask them: [email protected].

English rant over. My apologies.