Happy Canada Day!

There will be no activities on the old Weston fairgrounds this year and no fireworks to cap off the evening. Here’s a look at some of the celebrations from a few years ago.

Councillor Frances Nunziata sings with ‘Elvis’ in 2011.
Frontlines staff and volunteers at their booth in 2012.
The band entertains the crowd in 2012.
Fireworks are prepped in 2013.
Former MP Mike Sullivan talks to constituents in 2013.
Councillor Frances Nunziata addresses the crowd in 2014.
Frances Nunziata walks through the crowd in 2014.
Former MPP Laura Albanese in 2014.
Laura Albanese (foreground) greets constituents in 2014.
Just getting started in 2015.

Whose party is it anyway?

July 1 preparations in Lions Park this morning.

Did you ever get an invitation to a party where you are footing the bill?

You have now. Toronto city councillor Frances Nunziata and MP Ahmed Hussen have sent invitations to ‘their’ party – that you are paying for.

Nunziata’s reads,

I am thrilled to co-host my first Amesbury Canada Day in Amesbury Park from 12-10PM. Mayor Tory will be stopping by for the fun. Flea market opens at 9 AM. Fireworks show at 9:45PM!

I am also hosting my annual Canada Day party in Weston Lions Park from 5-10:30 PM. Fireworks at 10 PM!

Bring your family for all the food, fun, and celebration!
I look forward to seeing you at one (or both!) of these exciting events!

Hussen’s goes like this,

I am hosting my annual Canada Day party at Weston Lions Park (Weston Road and Lawrence Ave W) from 5pm-10:30 PM. I warmly invite you to bring the whole family for an evening of food, fun, and celebration! There will be food trucks, inflatable rides, and entertainment for all. Be sure stick around for the fireworks show at 10 PM! I can’t wait to see everyone there!

At least MPP Faisal Hassan isn’t claiming credit for your Canada Day celebrations.

Let’s hope we’re not at the banana republic stage where politicians have to dispense largesse in order to stay in office.

Oh wait; Doug Ford. Peel me a $20!

Happy Canada Day

A happy Canada Day to all our readers! We truly are lucky to live in Canada.

5:25 pm:

Bouncy castles galore.
Bouncy castles galore; July 1, 2015.

Don’t forget that tonight at 10:00, Weston’s own annual fireworks display gets under way at Lions Park. The weather promises to be fine but cool by 10:00 so dress warmly for the evening. If you’ve attended in the past, you know what a treat is in store. Come and listen to Elvis and other talented musicians, meet your favourite politicians, gorge on some french fries and onion rings and try out a slide or bouncy castle – perhaps not in that order!

A word to the wise – if you can walk to the celebrations all the better as parking tends to be filled early and after the fireworks, there may be a bit of a wait while everybody queues up to leave.

Fireworks at the ready.
Fireworks at the ready; July 1 2015.

Canada Day Celebrations in Lions Park

After a damp and unpromising start, Weston’s annual Canada Day celebration took place in beautiful weather. Some people arrived early and made a day of it while others took their chances and arrived later in the evening. Local performers (and ‘Elvis’) entertained the crowd while politicians pressed the flesh with their constituents.

Although not mentioned in many official lists of fireworks displays, Weston’s version is always well attended and in their spectacular location, the fireworks are enjoyed by many on both sides of the Humber.

MPP Laura Albanese.
Newly re-elected MPP Laura Albanese.
Mike Sullivan MP.
Mike Sullivan MP chats to a constituent.
Councillor Frances Nunziata warms up the crowd.
Councillor Frances Nunziata warms up the crowd.

Canada Day a success in Weston

On July 1st, the old fairgrounds in Lions Park once again echoed to the sounds of music and fireworks thanks to Canada Day celebrations that are becoming a firm tradition. Even though the event is not announced in the list of Canada Day happenings, posters around the site, word of mouth and a variety of newsletters and emails seem to get the word out. Throughout the day, vendors set up their stalls and the heady mix of diesel and burgers soon began to waft through the park.

The fireworks crew making sure everything goes off with a bang.
The fireworks crew inside their compound making sure everything goes off with a bang.
Frontlines staff and volunteers prepare their stall.
Frontlines staff and volunteers prepare their stall.
MP Mike Sullivan talks to constituents.
MP Mike Sullivan talks to constituents.
Crowds enjoying cake and other distractions in the early evening.
Crowds enjoying Canada Day cake and other distractions in the early evening.

The day was cloudy but mild and many families made a day of it, bringing chairs and picnic supplies. Politicians made their inevitable speeches while several bands and Elvis serenaded the crowd throughout the evening.

At 10 pm, the fireworks display began and did not disappoint. They were spectacular, lasting a good length of time and with a variety of flashes, bursts and window-rattling bangs enjoyed by residents on both sides of the Humber. The crowd drifted home happy, no doubt looking forward to another one next year.