Cityslkir slams ‘Queen Frances’

If you ever get a chance to watch Cable 10’s live broadcasts or webcasts of Toronto City Council meetings, you’re in for quite an interesting time. This is where politics, personalties and dogma come together to exchange verbal blows and while the result isn’t pretty, it’s compulsive viewing for political junkies. It’s also a chance to view our councillor, Frances Nunziata in her other main role as Council Speaker.

Toronto blogger Cityslikr has written a scathing indictment of Councillor Frances Nunziata’s performance in this other role. Cityslikr puts our councillor’s performance right up there with the antics of wildly controversial Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti, both tireless, partisan defenders of Mayor Rob Ford and his team. According to Cityslikr,

Hectoring, nakedly partisan, she has maintained the fractious, contentious tone bestowed on council chambers by Don Cherry in his inaugural address.

Read the full article here.

Nunziata called out on York South—Weston’s problems.

One of the great things about the Internet is the proliferation of blogs (like Weston Web) offering news and commentary at the local level. Matt Elliott springs to mind as a commentator who can hit the nail on the head. He now writes for Metro with a column entitled Ford For Toronto. Occasionally, a blogger takes on one of our own and today, Councillor Nunziata takes it on the chin from Cityslikr who writes for All Fired Up in the Big Smoke. Cityslikr takes Nunziata to task for complaining about the state of her riding yet being responsible to an extent for some of its problems (having been councillor and Mayor of York for many years). You can read the article here.