City to Mount Dennis: You’re stuck with the gas plant

City staff have reported on their meetings with Metrolinx about the gas plant at the Kodak Lands. While the tone of the report is neutral, it doesn’t look good.

Roughly 18MW
Roughly 18MW, according to the internet
Roughly 18MW
Roughly 18MW, the G says.

Metrolinx wants to build an 18 megawatt, natural-gas power plant on the Kodak site, which will soon be a transit hub and part of the Eglinton LRT. The gas plant will, they say, be used in emergencies—but also when the price of electricity is high. Community groups were not pleased.

City staff met with Metrolinx and their contractor about using ‘alternate’ energy instead of natural gas. The report says, more or less, “never going to work.”

Staff say that the roof of the building could support, at most, 1MW of capacity—far less than required. A back-up battery would be too expensive.