Mark Moore found guilty

Mark Moore has been found guilty of four counts of first degree murder. Moore killed four men in Toronto, including two in Weston: Mike James and Courthney Facey.

James and Facey were murdered in the autumn of 2010 while they ate a late dinner in an alley off Weston Road. They were, by all accounts, doing nothing wrong, and they had done nothing to cross Moore, a dangerous man with a long criminal history.

Moore killed them from his BMW X5, shooting each several times. Facey died on the spot. James died later in the hospital.

Moore told his friend and accomplice, Kevin Williams (also imprisoned) that “the angel of death” motivated him to kill the innocent young men, who were members of the same dance troupe. It isn’t clear, though, what his motivations were, or even if he had any. According to Rosie DiManno,

The Crown alleged that Moore hated the Weston Rd. area, and that location in particular, because that was where he’d been shot in the face at 17, leaving the left side of his face disfigured.

Earlier that evening he’d become angry about a reference to the Crips, the gang he said was responsible for the shooting, which was why he drove to the location where he was shot with Williams, the Crown alleged.

He also may have shot the men to improve his street reputation, or because he was an aspiring gangsta rapper and wanted to be someone whose name “shakes the streets”.

Moore will be sentenced to life in prison. He may be eligible for a parole in 25 years, but sentencing laws have recently changed, and the judge has the right to sentence him to a longer period of parole ineligibility.