COVID this week

From the city’s portal

The number of COVID cases in Weston continues to increase. In the past 21 days, there have been 95 cases in Weston, up from 86 last week.

In the worst period to date, in November, Weston had 105 cases.

There will continue to be pop-up testing at the Jane Street Hub every Tuesday and Saturday in January.

COVID this week

While COVID cases are climbing elsewhere, Weston is seeing progress. There have been 61 cases in the past 21 days, down from 85 last week and 105 the week before.

Our neighbourhood rate remains above the city average, but a win is a win!

COVID this week: improving

The number of new COVID cases in Weston in the past three weeks has declined slightly—a welcome change after weeks of increases. Over the past two weeks, the number of new cases has flattened.

There have been 51 new cases of community-transmitted COVID in the past 21 days, according to city data.

New community tranmissions, from the city.

Including outbreaks in healthcare facilities, there were 59 cases in Weston.

Last week, there had been 68 cases in three weeks. We have returned close to levels of two weeks ago, when there had been 57.

Two students at Weston CI were also diagnosed with COVID, the student cases in Weston.