COVID this week

The third?, fourth?, nth wave of COVID led to a huge number of cases in Weston over the past three weeks. 348 people tested positive—a huge jump from 54 only two weeks ago.

The real number is almost certainly much higher, since testing is strained.

There is good news, however: the drop-in vaccination clinic at the Crossroads reported no lineups a few times this week—and even one “quiet day”.


COVID cases spiking

It won’t be a surprise to hear that COVID cases in Weston are spiking. There were 54 cases in the past 21 days—up from around 10 before omicron. This recent number, of course, may not be accurate given that the testing system is extremely strained.

From the city

If there is good news here, it’s that Weston is no longer among the worst-hit neighbourhoods. In fact, we are among the least affected, with a per-capita infection rate lower than the Toronto average.

West Park completes vaccination campaign

West Park announced some good news this week: they are winding down their COVID vaccination campaign at the Community Place Hub. They vaccinated more than 20,000 people at the Weston Road location. Another 12,000 were vaccinated at West Park.

They say

Thank you to each and every partner organization and the key individuals at each who made the clinics a reality, dealing with supply interruptions and other logistical obstacles with grace and determination.

Thank you to the many clinic staff members, who managed difficult circumstances and evolving information in remarkable fashion.

And, thank you to the people who got the shot and received over 32,500 vaccinations at the clinics. Thank you for helping in the battle against COVID-19.