COVID this week

COVID is on the ropes. There were 61 cases in Weston in the past three weeks, continuing a steep decline.

Immunization rates, however, appear to have nearly stalled. Only 1% of residents got a shot this week, and Weston trails almost all of the city. We have the sixth-fewest residents vaccinated per capita, out of 14o neighbourhoods. Mount Dennis is doing even worse, with the fourth-fewest people vaccinated.

COVID this week

COVID is in retreat.

There were 133 COVID cases in the past 21 day in Weston—a huge decline from this time last week, when there were 193, and a tremendous improvement over the peak, only three weeks ago, when there were 275 cases.

Weston still has fewer people vaccinated than the Toronto average, however. 51% of Westonians have received at least one shot, compared to 62% of the rest of the city.

Weston is in the bottom 8% neighbourhoods for vaccination rates. Mount Dennis’ vaccination rate is even worse, at 48%—in the bottom 5%.

COVID this week

The third wave continues to recede. Weston had 193 COVID cases in the past 21 days, down from 250 last week, and 275 the week before.

From the city

That’s the good news.

The bad news: Weston’s immunization rate remains below the city average, despite the pop-ups and community vaccination efforts. According to The Star, the city’s vaccination rate is 54% while Weston’s is 46%—in the bottom 25% of neighbourhoods.

Weston remains one of the worst-affected neighbourhoods in Toronto; we are have had the ninth-most cases per capita since the pandemic began, and we had the ninth-most cases in the past 21 days. There are 140 neighbourhoods in Toronto.