COVID this week

COVID continues to spread at an increasing rate in Weston. We have had 105 cases in the past 21 days, according to the city’s data. That is up from 94 cases last week.

The infection rate per capita continues to be among the worst in the city: 584 per 100,000 people. That is more than 40 times worse than in the least-affected parts of Toronto.

COVID cases double in Weston—faster than any community in Toronto

The number of COVID cases in the past 21 days has more than doubled in Weston. Last week, we had 26 cases in the past 21 days. This week, there were 57 cases in 21 days.

COVID is spreading faster here than in any other community in Toronto.

The number of new cases. From the city.
This maps shows the rate of new cases by population. From the city.

All the new cases have occurred outside healthcare facilities.

The disease continues to hit minority communities and poorer communities hardest.

From TPH
From TPH

You can explore the city data on their website.