COVID this week

The number of COVID cases continues to climb in Weston, up to 83 in the past three weeks, from 79 last week.

Weston has been one of the worst-affected communities in Toronto, and our infection rate remains high: over the past 21 days, we were the ninth-worst affected neighbourhood in Toronto. (There are 140 neighbourhoods.)

If there is a silver lining, it is that the fatality rate across the city has been falling as the elderly have been getting their shots.

Province screws up Weston vaccine locations on websiteCOVI9-19, COVID, Covid 19, COVID19

The province’s website is incorrectly directing Westonians to a distant Etobicoke pharmacy as it begins the first stages of public vaccination.

Ontario will start vaccinating people between 60 and 64 this week (skipping people between 65 and 79, because the approved AstraZeneca vaccine has not been tested on that group).

But while the website has an entry for Weston, the only pharmacy listed there is actually in Etobicoke and is more than 5 km away from Weston.

The Toronto entry does, however, have several Weston pharmacies within walking distance. Using the “Search By Postal Code” function pulls them up.

Tim, a frontline worker, is part of the hidden homeless

Toronto Life has the story of Tim MacFarlane, who lives and works in the Weston and Mount Dennis area. He’s a frontline worker, and he has to live in his car.

Image from GoFundMe

I have been a registered pharmacy technician since 2013, working at a health care centre in the northwest corner of Toronto. Several of our units treat Covid-19 patients, which means that I was among the fortunate few to get vaccinated back in January. I work in the pharmacy in the basement. A doctor writes a prescription and sends it via computer to a pharmacist on the main floor, who reviews the order and transmits it to us. We fill IV bags, count tablets, package orders and take them up to the unit. The job was always a relay race; during the pandemic, it’s become way harder….

After my shift ends, I want nothing more than to drive home and crash on my couch. But I can’t. I’ve been homeless since February of 2020, just before the pandemic really touched down in Ontario. So after I clock out, I drive my 2017 Dodge Caravan—with its cracked windshield and wonky transmission—to the parking lot of a nearby retirement home.

The story is terrifying, saddening, and angering. It is required reading.

Tim’s friends are raising money for him. You can donate though GoFundMe.