Great little grocery store: Newport Fish

If like me you’ve had a hard time getting an appointment for delivery or pick-up at one of the big stores, you might try a local small grocer, Newport Fish. I shopped there this week, and they were great.

Newport Fish doesn’t sell only fish. They have a small grocery on Alliance Avenue that skews Portuguese. You can get eggs, bread, cheese—and toilet paper, if that’s still a thing. I picked up almost everything on my list, bar cereal and Parmesan.

I also tried the oysters—and they were great, though not great enough that I could get my philistine kids to try.

Newport offers delivery or curbside pickup. Andrew dropped my stuff right in the trunk for me. They’re delighted for the business, too, and fast. I picked my groceries up a few hours after I ordered, and the whole process was painless.

To place an order, get your list ready and call. One of the workers will tell you what they have, pack it, and text you the bill.