Sullivan: Enough is enough.

Living in Weston, it’s hard to miss the constant reminders of a major construction project under way. The noise of machinery, diesel horns warning track workers, dust, road closures or the plain inconvenience of having to figure out how to get from one place to another have made living in Weston less than ideal. Now it seems that Metrolinx wants to extend work hours up to 18 per day.

As a result of the extended hours, along with other issues around construction of the U.P. Express line, MP Mike Sullivan has initiated a formal complaint to the Canadian Transportation Agency and has notified Transportation Minister Glen Murray and Metrolinx President Bruce McCuaig.

Read Sullivan’s letter below.



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In the past, the CTA has ruled against excessive community disruption by GO / Metrolinx and federal courts have upheld the ruling. Let’s hope that Metrolinx can be a bit more considerate of residents’ concerns and act quickly on this.