Further facts of fare slashing

Twitterers and the community had a few thoughts on the changes that might come to Weston as a result of the new, lowered UPX fares.

Paul Ferreira pointed out that there is little reason to keep the GO stop here if the UPX costs the same and runs much more frequently. Surely few people get off the train here in the morning. The UPX, which runs 19 hours a day could entirely replace it.

I worried that Metrolinx would pull a bait-and-switch and raise fares again. But Bruce McCuaig, the CEO of Metrolinx, took to Metro Morning today to talk about the fares and ridership.

Unsurprisingly, the service will not cover its costs—in fact, he said that making money will be “pushed out in the future. But there are no plans to get us hooked and raise the fare again if ridership increases; prices will be reviewed only once a year.

Finally, the new prices will take effect March 9.

Several questions remain:

  • How will the service be integrated into the TTC? It would be lovely if we could transfer at low cost to the subway.
  • When and how will it connect to the Eglinton LRT in Mount Dennis? It seems impossible that it wouldn’t.
  • Will more stops, in Mount Dennis and Liberty Village perhaps, be built?
  • I think it will be great for commuters out; could it draw commuters in? Will people from elsewhere come work in Weston? Perhaps the low commercial rents and densities could generate a renaissance.


Pick a bridge – any bridge

When John Street closes at the rail line, the two sections will be linked by a footbridge. Metrolinx would like your input in selecting the bridge and have narrowed the choice down to the four contenders presented below. The bridges will be discussed in detail next Saturday March 3rd at the Active Living Centre, 1901 Weston Road between 10am and 2pm with a presentation at noon. You can also review the design concepts by visiting their community office at 1631 Weston Road (416-241-2300). Scroll down for the feedback link.

Montgomery Sisam's "Stairs Ramp"
DTAH's "Twin Arch"
DTAH's "Green Truss"
Barry Padolsky's "White Truss"

If you can’t make the meeting, feedback is possible through this link.