Weston and Lawrence red light camera is operational.

Weston has some incredible human resources. One of them is Hans Havermann who writes an excellent blog filled with local and mathematical entries. He keeps me honest whenever I give research short shrift and stray too far from reality.

One such occasion concerns red light cameras. Silly me for expecting that when the City of Toronto’s website said recently we have 77 red light cameras, it must be true. Apparently it’s not even close as there are now 125 in operation (it’s still not enough). The site has been updated recently with a more accurate number. Not only that but the anticipated red light camera at Weston Road and Lawrence Avenue is now on their list and operational. Other local cameras are at Jane and Bala / Emmet Avenue,  and Keele and Lawrence.

A belated thank you Hans for continuing to keep me honest and yes, you do owe me a beer.


Local blogger ponders Weston bone discovery.

Hans Havermann has lived in Weston for more than half a century and writes a blog mainly about mathematics and puzzles. Occasionally Hans turns his powerful mind to local thoughts and happenings such as the Denison Road underpass, his neighbourhood,  and Raymore Park. Like Weston Web, his blog has been going since 2010 and helpfully, articles are accessible by date and title so that readers can comb through the archives. This is a great site if you’re a fan of math and puzzles; an added bonus is the content of local interest.

Once Hans gets his teeth into something, he’s relentless. Sparked by a WestonWeb article on the proposed Wilby Crescent apartments, he wondered why its address is on Wilby rather than Hickory Tree where maps clearly place it. While looking for older maps of the ever changing streets of Weston, he found an article on the above photograph of bones discovered near Weston Road, south of Lawrence and decided to do some digging of his own (yes, I know). As a result of his research, he believes that the site of the bones was not as commonly believed at Weston Park Baptist Church but on a now demolished church property across the street on Bellevue.

You might want to subscribe to Hans’ blog and if you can help in his quest for more information, he’d be very interested.