Mike Sullivan’s Latest Commons Remarks

Our newest MP Mike Sullivan continues to advocate for York South-Weston in his latest remarks yesterday in the House of Commons. Despite having to be corrected for not addressing his remarks to the Speaker – a common rookie mistake apparently, he certainly told MPs about the riding, its large manufacturing base that has disappeared and the problems facing the area. Here are the relevant links to his speeches:

On the forest industry:

The economy and York South-Weston:

The banking industry, corporations and taxation:

On the Buy America policy:

On electrification of the Airport Rail Link:

Mike Sullivan responds to muggings in Weston

Mike Sullivan, our newly elected MP, says “I am encouraged by the arrests that have been made” in relation to the recent rash of muggings in Weston. He says, too, that he will pressure the Conservative government to “invest in an approach that focuses on prevention, policing, and prosecution.”

Sullivan was responding to an email I sent to politicians and police. He says that he, and the NDP, will

  1. Ensure communities have the resources to invest in crime prevention programs, particularly those focusing on youth.
  2. Provide parents, teachers and police with better tools to protect our children and deter gang activity by making gang recruiting illegal.
  3. Ensure that our police have sufficient resources to do their jobs in our neighbourhoods.

Sullivan was also quite clear that he does not believe that building more jails, as the Conservatives propose to do, will be the “best and most effective approach to [combatting] crime in our neighbourhoods.

Mike Sullivan Speaks in the Commons

Mike Sullivan, our newly elected NDP MP spoke for the first time in the House of Commons on Tuesday. Here are his comments:

Mr. Speaker, I wish to thank the voters in York South—Weston, who sent me here to advocate for them. I will do my utmost to bring forward their issues in this House, like public transit.

Public transit supports economic activity, improves productivity and, done right, it helps clean the air. In York South—Weston, public transit is an important public service, as it is across Canada.

Unfortunately, public transit is not a priority of the government. Aside from the gas tax rebate negotiated nearly a decade ago by then-FCM president, the hon. member for Toronto—Danforth, the current federal government refuses to support this crucial element of our economic life. This must change if we are to help Canadians in their daily life.

The federal government must develop a national public-transit strategy so that sensible investments in public transit like electric light rail can be made to meet the needs of millions of Canadians.

Mr Sullivan made a name for himself here in Weston as a passionate supporter of the Clean Train Coalition and it’s good to see that he is still chipping away on the same topic. His unseating of Alan Tonks was one of the many surprises in last month’s general election.

He made further remarks on June 9th, describing York South-Weston and the problems facing our community.

Alan Tonks Votes Republican

Alan Tonks seems to be voting more and more with the right wing of the Tory Party these days. According to LifeSiteNews.com, he recently voted to oppose a private member’s bill seeking to add ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression’ to the Canada Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code’s hate crimes section. Tonks wasn’t alone; six of his liberal colleagues voted the same way. In spite of Mr. Tonks, the House of Commons passed the bill anyway. The addition to the legislation squeaked through largely thanks to six Tory MPs (including four cabinet ministers) who voted for the bill, designed to prevent discrimination against transgendered individuals.

Perhaps Mr. Tonks would do well to start worrying about bringing some jobs to Weston rather than aligning with the Tea Party North.