Lawrence Avenue Bridge has several new residents

Lawrence Avenue Bridge

You’ve heard of the swallows of Capistrano, now we have the swallows of Weston.

If you look at the north side of Lawrence bridge, you will see that several birds are busy building mud nests under the concrete parapet. They fly in and out of them regularly.

Mud nests line the parapet.
A closer look.

I think they are barn swallows and build remarkably similar nests to those in Capistrano. Perhaps our expert readers could make a positive identification.

Lions Park Field Update

FIFA head Sepp Blatter has stated that artificial turf may play a large part in the future of soccer. It will certainly play a large part in Weston’s soccer future.

As previously noted in WestonWeb, the soccer field in Lions Park has been under construction since June and is about 40% complete. The two-million-dollar project will see the field covered with Domo Turf, a FIFA approved brand of synthetic turf. The playing surface will be painted with regulation white markings and will be used exclusively for soccer.

Improvements to the site have already been made to provide drainage as the old field was notoriously muddy. Water drained from the pitch will flow directly into the Humber. Players’ benches and goal posts will be added, as well as fencing to separate the softball fields from the soccer field (to stop stray balls). There are no plans as yet to cover the field with a dome in winter.

The turf holds the promise of an extended season for soccer players. There is a similar installation in Cherry Beach that operates right through November although end of season dates are determined by local Parks Staff.

Looking towards Lions' Pool
Lots of heavy equipment
Improved drainage