City Council will consider ‘Community Hub’ in Weston next week

City Council will vote on funding the cultural hub in Weston next week.

The development will have

  • An 18-storey tower with 350 rental units
  • An 800-square meter (8600 square foot) community/cultural hub
  • 26 rental artist live/work units
  • An 1,150 square meter (12000 square foot) open-space area for the  Weston Farmers’ Market
  • A 75-spot parking lot

The apartment building, townhouses, and live-work spaces will be built on the John Street parking lot and in the vacant spaces under 33-35 King.

City Council will be voting next week to “expedite the planning review process once the Rockport Group has made the necessary planning applications”, among other motions.

The proposal to Council says:

The proposed multi-million dollar investment in the Development will create some 940 new jobs, which, together with the local expansion of public transit byMetrolinx and GO Transit will contribute to an area-wide social and economic revitalization…. The cost to build the Community/Cultural Hub, Live/Work Units and Open Space Area is projected to be $13.3 million, including an operating reserve.


Construction is expected to begin in 2016.


96 John St requests severance

The owners of 96 John Street have asked the city to let them sever their property. Doing so will violate several planning regulations, including

  • The frontages will be less than required
  • The lot areas will be smaller than required
  • The dwellings will take up a larger-than-allowed portion of the lot
  • The lots will not have the required amount of lawn or landscaping
  • The garage will be larger than required

The applicants will be making their case before the committee of adjustment this Thursday at 1:00 pm at the York Civic Centre, 2700 Eglinton Avenue West.

Oct 30, 2014 2 3 Oct 30, 2014

Big weekend

This weekend will be a big one in Weston.

The Farmers’ Market will be closing; next year it will re-open in a new location. There will be face-painting, balloons and a bouncy castle.

To celebrate the year end, there will also be a pet and owner parade with awards for the best Halloween costumes. The parade starts at 11, and all are welcome to enter.

At 12, there will be a dedication ceremony for Pantelis Kalamaris Lane and Pantelis Kalamaris Gardens. The streets are being named in honour of Peter the Barber, longtime Weston businessperson.


Staff recommend against “Panteris Kalamaris Lane”

Peter Kalamaris, better known as Peter The Barber, was a longtime business owner and community member in Weston who died last year. The hockey-themed barber shop on John is his most prominent legacy.

Community members and politicians asked that the portion of John Street west of the tracks be renamed in his honour. City staff turned that down. They asked that the nearby lane be name “Pantelis Kalamaris Lane” instead; now city staff have recommended against that too.

Staff said

‘Pantelis Kalamaris Lane’ does not comply with the Honouriflc and Street Naming Policy because it uses both the first and last names of the individual being recognized. The Policy states in part that ‘Only a person’s last name Should be used as a street name unless additional identification is necessary to prevent a duplication with an existing street name in Toronto and surrounding municipalities.’

Also, the Policy states in part that “Honouriñc names shall only be awarded posthumously to those individuals who have been deceased for at least two years, with

exceptions to be approved by City Council.” Mr. Kalamaris passed away in October 2011.

Due to these factors and non-compliance with the Policy, it is recommended that the name “Pantelis Kalamaris Lane” not be approved.