Voter turnout 45% in October 7 election.

As analysts begin poring over the chicken entrails disgorged in Thursday’s elections, a sad announcement was made here on Weston Web. Paul Ferreira will likely quit politics as a result of this election. His shock announcement came in response to Weston Web readers yesterday.

What are we to make of this election? No doubt the full story will be told over the next few days. A quick rundown of the numbers from Elections Ontario using April’s eligible voter numbers gives an approximate (and unofficial) view of the voter turnout and percentage of the total number of voters in the riding (68,978 in April).

  • Laura Albanese..(L)…20.1%
  • Paul Ferreira..(NDP).18.9%
  • Lan Daniel..(PC)……..5.02%
  • Keith Jarrett..(G)……..0.6%

Total votes cast: 31,043

Approximate voter turnout: 45%. This is even lower than the dismal 51% in April in which Mike Sullivan defeated incumbent Alan Tonks. With so much at stake for Ontario’s second poorest riding, one must ask why voters couldn’t be bothered to move themselves to vote. Lord knows we have enough compelling issues – lack of jobs, poverty, atrocious rental housing, lack of decent transportation, large numbers of diesel trains about to pollute the area – the list goes on and on. The winning candidate only seemed to come to life and muster up some fighting spirit for the election and will no doubt slip back into obscurity once the dust settles.

So the bottom line is, a winning political candidate in York South Weston only needs to convince about 1 in 5 eligible voters to get out and mark an x.

That is truly pathetic.

Albanese wins

Laura Albanese, our MPP, has won another term in office. She defeated her rival, Paul Ferreira, in a very close race. 842 votes separated the candidates.

There were, in your humble correspondent’s eyes, three major events in the election. The first was the acrimonious first debate. It was ugly, and set an ugly tone for much of the campaigning that followed.

The second major event was the ill-advised pamphleting by Mike Sullivan, our federal MP. Sullivan borrowed words liberally from provincial NDP campaign materials and opened himself up to allegations that he was boosting for his friend and colleague with federal tax dollars.

Finally, there was Albanese’s decision to skip the televised all-candidates debate. It struck your humble correspondent as a bad idea, but your humble correspondent is no political machinist.

York South—Weston has been a very competitive riding for years. Ferreira and Albanese have each had turns at the helm in the past.

Lan Daniel, the Conservative candidate who hardly campaigned, got 11% of the vote. Keith Jarrett, from the Greens, got 1.5%. Eric Compton, a libertarian from the ‘Freedom Party’, 177 votes and a tax deduction, one assumes. Mark Micheal Radejewsky, an independent candidate who, I think, lives near me with his mom, captured the hearts of 46 Westonites.