Red light camera coming to Weston and Lawrence


There is a list of 79 proposed red light camera locations for 2017 and the busy, diagonal intersection of Weston Road and Lawrence is on it. The cameras cost around $100,000 each but no doubt recoup more than their cost in the long run. Many pedestrians use the intersection and the camera may make things safer for them.

Red light cameras only photograph vehicles that enter an intersection after the light has turned red. Motorists nabbed while running a red light are politely requested to cough up a $325.00 fine. For the last five years, Toronto has run 77 RLCs and their statistics are here. Based on the data, accidents at intersections have been significantly reduced where RLCs are used. There is a FAQ list here.

Hopefully, this is not the only council decision that will be based on data this year.

Attempted kidnapping at Lawrence and Weston

Eric Coplin−Duran
Eric Coplin−Duran

On April 27 (after we thought Weston had enjoyed a crime-free week), Police released a couple of crime bulletins requesting the public’s assistance in tracking down a man wanted in connection with an attempted kidnapping on Thursday, April 25 around 1 p.m. near 2079 Lawrence Avenue West. Two men allegedly attempted to force a third into a vehicle, assaulting him in the process. A brave passer-by shouted at the men and the suspects drove off without the victim. Police have identified one of the men as Eric Coplin−Duran, 18 who is considered dangerous. The police report can be found here.

This begs the question of whether the new security cameras provided any information regarding this incident as Weston and Lawrence are quite close by and the car, on the south side of Lawrence, would have therefore travelled east through the intersection. Apart from signs informing people of their presence, no actual cameras can be seen (at least by your correspondent after gamely squinting on several occasions). Perhaps they are so tiny that they aren’t visible. Have readers managed to spot any of the cameras?

A second bulletin released the same day reported an exchange of gunfire in the hallway of 1855 Jane Street. One of the alleged shooters by the name of Adrian Scott is being sought along with a second man.