Yet another idea for Weston.

The video below is a striking illustration of what is possible when intelligent planning is applied to a road that runs through an area.

Jeff Speck: The Classic American Road Diet from Cupola Media on Vimeo.

As measured, the total roadway space required for everything in the video is 56 feet. The current right of way along local roads such as Weston Road, Jane and Lawrence Avenue is at their narrowest, 27 metres or 88.6 feet. Unless I’m mistaken, this would allow the modifications shown in the video with a minimum of 16.3 feet feet for sidewalks on either side. Check out various rights of way on every major street in the city here. According to the video, traffic volume doesn’t suffer and cyclists are then able to operate in safety.


Road construction is coming this summer

Weston residents can be forgiven for their construction fatigue. For half a decade, they have played street roulette wondering which route will get them home and how long it will take. Well it’s déjà vu all over again as this summer we will see more of the same. A bone rattling section of Lawrence Avenue between Royal York and Weston Road and the pothole riddled Scarlett Road from Lawrence to Eglinton will undergo badly needed repaving and while they’re doing that, water mains will be replaced.

At least our car suspensions will be happy.