Upcoming Events

Bell Technical Solutions are organizing an Employment Information Session at LEF between 2:00 and 4:00 pm on Tuesday, January 22nd.

Local musician Japs Cunanan is holding a jazz concert at 6pm on January 26 at Weston Banquet Hall, 2125 Weston Road, York ON. M9N 1X8

CallĀ 416-804-9942 for more details and to order tickets.

Some good news

UrbanArts, mural painters par excellence, were given a nice grant by the city to paint a mural in the Denison Road underpass. The mural will be done in partnership with Frontlines.

According to the city, “Acclaimed artist Jim Bravo will work with 10 youth artists to create the mural ‘Bridging the Changing Times,’ which will consist of a series of camera framed renderings of the Weston Rd and Mount Dennis communities in various stages of their industrial, economic and cultural evolution.”

The city gave $27,247 for the project.

Frances Nunziata’s office also reports that the Learning Enrichment Foundation is hiring interns for the summer. All the jobs are posted online.