Nunziata still votes like Weston is Rosedale

Blogger Matt Elliott’s column in Metro regularly posts a report card on the voting behaviour of Toronto city councillors. In his latest column, Elliott writes that while Councillor Nunziata’s ‘Ford Nation’ voting record has recently dropped, she is still one of the most loyal followers of a very right-wing agenda. Consider that this month Ms Nunziata:

  • voted YES to a motion to reject Provincial funding for 264 new daycare spaces – luckily the majority of councillors voted the other way (fail)
  • voted YES to continue to charge admission for youth to indoor pools (pass)
  • voted YES to reduce funding for AIDS initiatives by $104,000 (pass)
  • voted YES to not consider allocating $6.8 million from the surplus going to the Social Housing Reserve (fail)
  • voted YES to withhold $75,000 from the Tenant Defence Fund (pass)
  • voted YES to block $894,000 going to community partnership programs (fail)

The one thing she did get right was to vote NO in a motion to not use $1.163 million in investment earnings to support student nutrition (fail).

In Ward 11, the majority rent their homes and half earn household incomes of less than $45,000. They struggle to make ends meet and could do with more support from their councillor. They are clearly not getting it. How the councillor can justify voting against daycare spaces that would have come at no cost to the city is a mystery. To vote to withhold money from the Tenant Defence Fund is particularly egregious when there have been many incidents involving notoriously bad landlords in Weston.

Councillor Nunziata, you appear to work hard and care for your constituents but your voting behaviour is a mystery. Is being a member of ‘Ford Nation’ more important than helping the less fortunate members of your Ward? Perhaps it’s time to choose where your loyalties lie.

Nunziata called out on York South—Weston’s problems.

One of the great things about the Internet is the proliferation of blogs (like Weston Web) offering news and commentary at the local level. Matt Elliott springs to mind as a commentator who can hit the nail on the head. He now writes for Metro with a column entitled Ford For Toronto. Occasionally, a blogger takes on one of our own and today, Councillor Nunziata takes it on the chin from Cityslikr who writes for All Fired Up in the Big Smoke. Cityslikr takes Nunziata to task for complaining about the state of her riding yet being responsible to an extent for some of its problems (having been councillor and Mayor of York for many years). You can read the article here.