Humber Trail extension meeting

City of Toronto representatives were on hand in the Weston Library basement Wednesday night to answer questions about the latest extension to the Humber Trail. After construction, the trail will end at Mallaby Park where the new steps lead to Weston and St. Phillips. Cyclists and pedestrians wishing to continue on the northern section of the trail will have to climb the steps and make their way along Weston Road. Hopefully this will be a temporary link but in the meantime, the steps have a gutter that allows cyclists to wheel rather than carry their bikes up and down.

A plan of the trail extension.
A plan of the trail extension.

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) owns the land and the City of Toronto manages it through their Transportation and Parks departments. To continue past the steps along the Humber (subject to a feasibility study), the TRCA will need to acquire the land up to the existing trail at Fairglen and Cardell.

Adapted from Google Earth.
WestonWeb rampant speculation showing where the trail could continue north and link avoiding Weston Road altogether. Adapted from Google Earth.

If WestonWeb readers have comments on the 600m proposed trail extension, the City of Toronto Transportation Department would like to hear from you. Contact Transportation Planner Jennifer Hyland by email or Phone: 416-392-0193.

The full set of posters will be available here in the next few days.

Humber Trail extended in 2013.

As part of Phase 1 of the Mid Humber Trail Project, a 600 metre extension will link the northern end of the Humber Trail – currently at Cruickshank Park to the Mallaby Park steps. This 3.5 metre wide pavement (matching the rest of the trail) will be placed over the current dirt path.

End of the trail, Cruickshank Park looking north.
End of the trail, Cruickshank Park looking north.
Location of the latest paved portion of the Humber Trail.
Location of the next paved portion of the Humber Trail.

The construction is expected to last 4-6 weeks beginning in ‘early summer’ and contractors will operate from the parking lot at Lawrence and Little. More information on the construction can be found here as well as during a drop-in session at the Weston Library March 6, between 7 pm and 9 pm.

For Phase 2, the city is currently looking at options to extend the trail from Mallaby Park to Fairglen Crescent where the trail continues.