Weston Library facing cuts

The Weston and Mount Dennis library branches will have to cut service hours if City Council accepts the recommendations of the city’s chief librarian. Both the Weston and Mount Dennis branches will be asked to close for an additional 2.5 hours every week.

The cuts have been ordered by Rob Ford, who told every city department to cut 10% of its budget. Not all libraries, however, are being told to close early. Of the 98 libraries in the city, 29 dodged the axe.

Despite Doug Ford’s stated willingness to close library branches, none of the libraries in the riding of the mayor’s brother are facing service cuts. Both libraries in Frances Nunziata’s riding are, however.

Rob Ford promised in his election campaign that “services will not be cut, guaranteed”.¬†Cutting service will only solve part of the library’s budget problems however; collections will also be reduced.

Learning Enrichment Foundation needs your help

The Learning Enrichment Foundation is in the running for a big grant from the Aviva Community Fund. If you vote for their project,they stand a chance of winning the money they need to start an indoor farmers’ market in Mount Dennis.

The primary campus of the LEF is off Black Creek Drive. They offer job training, language education, newcomers’ services, and other programs for adults and youth, in a big, attractive building in an odd, industrial part of town.

On Thursdays, LEF has a market that sells fresh local food to a small number of customers. They’d like to grow the market by providing a dedicated staff member, children’s activities, and support and education for the vendors.

You can vote for the market here.