Nyctophilia artists strike again.

Another community has been left scratching their collective heads after artistic duo, Christian Giroux and Daniel Young have installed another of their creations near St Clair and Bathurst. No doubt there will be some who like it but more likely, most won’t and members of the public who object will be made to feel as if they have no artistic soul (sound familiar?). How this thing ever got approved is beyond me but then, nobody asked me; nor should they. Unfortunately, few in the community where it has been unceremoniously plonked (Ward 21) are likely to have been asked either.

‘Three Points Where Two Lines Meet’. From the Toronto Star.

The above photo is deceptive as the scale of the thing isn’t apparent until you notice the relative size of the stop signs. A better impression of its true size can be gleaned from the artists’ site here.

Unlike Nyctophilia, the money for this didn’t come from Section 37 funds. The source for Three Points is the City’s Public Art Program (nice acronym!). Read more in the Star.

Drake General Store Pop-Up Hits Mount Dennis

The pop up shop concept (from Scadding Court site).

The Mount Dennis BIA is about to open a pop-up shop. Julia Maddin, Mount Dennis resident and General Manager of the Canadiana and Toronto themed Drake General Store downtown (not that Drake) will run a pop-up-shop in Mount Dennis this and next weekend. Working with Scadding Court’s BOB (Business Out of the Box) Project, the idea is operate a pop-up shop in Mount Dennis, under the lights of Nyctophilia at the corner of Weston Road and Dennis Avenue. While not quite the concept that we at Weston Web have been harping on about, it’s a good start that may lead to bigger and better things; especially if Mayor Tory’s excellent suggestion to tax vacant stores is adopted. Yes, even the Mayor gets things right sometimes.

When: December 10th to 11th between 11 am and 5 pm, December 17th to 18th between 11 am and 5 pm, and again for the BIA’s Winter Solstice Event on Wednesday, December 21st from 6-8 pm. 10% of all proceeds will go back into the community.

Mount Dennis ‘On the rise’; Weston, not so much.

According to BlogTO, Mount Dennis is in the top 5 of Toronto ‘neighbourhoods on the rise’. The reason given for their optimism is the upcoming development of the Kodak lands, the new Crosstown LRT and the emergence of Supercoffee and the Nyctophilia art installation.

Here in Weston, things should also be on the rise – although on Boxing Day, a rather large oaf decided that a Weston Road shop doorway would be the perfect place to waddle from his SUV and vomit in a shop doorway. When the store owners protested, they received a foul tirade for their trouble. Perhaps it is the run-down air of Weston Road that makes people feel entitled to do this. We’re almost into January and there are still leaves and litter piled up under the benches at Weston and Lawrence. Perhaps Weston Village BIA could put some money towards a more regular street cleaning.


On a more positive note, the long awaited Perfect Blend Bakery and coffee shop is now hiring.