Satin Finish meeting coming up

Frances Nunziata’s email circular says that the Satin Finish developers will be having an open house on March 2 between 7 and 9 pm at Weston Memorial.

The developers will have a lot to answer for: they’re quintupling the density, destroying the historic building, and increasing traffic on a busy street.

8 Oak demolition opposed at City Council

8 oak streetThe demolition of 8 Oak Street will be opposed at City Council at the end of the month. Etobicoke York Community Council has asked the city to refuse a demolition permit and to find out whether the building should be added to the municipal heritage property list.

The Satin Finish development has been controversial. The developers had planned a small community of townhomes, but revised the plan to ask for more than five times as many residences. Now they are asking for 509 units, with apartment buildings and a retirement home. They are also asking to demolish the 85-year-old office building.

City Council will also be asked to oppose the division of 104X Wendell Avenue into two undersized properties.

8 Oak development changing

The developers of the Satin Finish property are asking for more density and far more units, according to Frances Nunziata. They would like

fourteen 3-storey townhouses fronting Oak Street, two 8-storey mid-rise apartment buildings, a 6-storey retirement residence, and a park fronting Knob Hill Drive.


This plan is quite a bit different from the original. Before, the developers wanted only townhouses; now, the bulk of the property is given over to apartment buildings. Townhouses front only Oak Street.

There will be more residents, too: 509 units instead of 99 townhomes.

The new plan

The old plan also had four roads onto Knob Hill Drive. The new plan has only two. Traffic on that road is already occasionally pretty bad; it’s hard to see how this is an improvement.

The new plan does include a central park, whereas the old plan had only one out-of-the-way  play area.

The old plan
The old plan

Nunziata to Sullivan: Weston Road and Oak Street congestion not your concern.

The 1920s era railway bridge looking south on Weston Road

If you have made the mistake recently of trying to go along St. Phillips to Weston Road stores at the Crossroads Plaza or the 401, patience is a virtue as you inch across the Humber a few cars at a time. The same goes for those heading through that same junction on Weston Road which is down to one lane at the old railway bridge. There aren’t too many alternatives although some drivers are finding a back-door route through Weston Village. According to the official City link, the work (and blocked lane) is scheduled to continue until the end of 2014.


from OAK ST to ST PHILLIPS RD. Utility relocation and road re-profilling (sic) work on Weston Rd from Oak St to St Phillips Rd and Humberview Cres. Northbound curb lane closure to be implemented continuously.
START: 2012-Mar-01 12:00:00 AM
END: 2014-Dec-31 12:00:00 AM

INFO UPDATED: 2012-Mar-14 2:33:44 PM DISTRICT: Etobicoke York
WARD: York South-Weston (11)
ID: RD2545823

Utility relocation; looking North on Weston Road

This was already a difficult bottleneck especially when tag-teamed with the lights at Oak Street but now it’s an exercise in frustration. Needless to say, people are not very happy about the delays and some raised the issue during MP Mike Sullivan’s recent town hall meeting. Sullivan agreed to follow up and ask Councillor Frances Nunziata what was being done to ease the congestion. According to Paul Ferreira at Mike Sullivan’s Office the Councillor isn’t playing ball, saying that she would rather deal with constituents directly. I checked the Councillor’s latest newsletter but sadly there was no mention of the issue. Paul helpfully included the councillor’s email address which is here: [email protected] – or you can contact her by phone at 416-392-4091.