Pot To Kettle…

Just a brief update to the story regarding a pamphlet issued by Mike Sullivan. According to Paul Ferreira,

“…no one objected when the former MP (Alan Tonks) regularly featured the current MPP (Laura Albanese) in his newsletters both *before* and since the 2007 election.”

If this is the case it would seem that this is an arbitrary complaint about something practised by both sides.

Candidate Ferreira adds,

“I think our Liberal friends should spend more time focussing on what’s important to local residents, than creating distractions to suit their interests.”

With York South-Weston in the shape it is, there are far more pressing issues and ideas to wrestle with. As for the originator of the complaint, Liberal MP for York West Judy Sgro, it seems she has had her own experience of breaking the rules.

This article was updated to correct an earlier version that misquoted Paul Ferreira. I apologize for the error.