Pelmo’s Principal joins Police Services Board

Ainsworth Morgan, better known as Mr. Morgan, the principal of Pelmo Park school, has joined the Police Services Board. He will join six other people, including our councillor, who oversee the Toronto Police.

CR Marchant in ‘Critical’ condition

As your kids head back to school next week, pity the caretakers and builders who have been working through the summer. The province¬†released numbers about the state of repair of all of Ontario¬†schools. It’s not great. CR Marchant is in critical condition–in worse condition than 95% of all the schools in the province.

There are 4,656 public schools in Ontario. In order of worst condition to best, Weston’s schools are ranked:

The TDSB is at pains to say that the schools are perfectly safe. Schools need repairs, but no students are in danger.

Parents and citizens can see the shortcomings¬†on each school’s¬†website. CR needs repairs to its HVAC, roadways, and play areas among others. Despite being in better condition, Weston Memorial has many “urgent” needs, including water distribution, the roof, floors and doors.