Swanek Park

Swanek Park is getting an upgrade. The park, which is frequently pretty swampy, will have pipes and channels installed to improve drainage.

The channels will be installed in the rough shape of a lower-case g and will in some places be covered with gravel. The work should begin in November and be completed by the spring—earlier if weather allows.

According to the planning group, the city will build a walking path around the park next year or in 2015, depending on when the budget is approved. It might be possible to improve the playground set at the same time, and the group is looking for input from local parents and children.

The baseball diamond could also use some work, and residents are looking to raise money from charitable groups and fundraising.

If you would like to be involved in the Pelmo Swanek Community Association, you can contact contact Ross Parry at r o s s [email protected] Remove the spaces to spell the word “ross”, though.


Pelmo Park School land may be severed to pay bills

The Toronto Star reports that the TDSB is thinking of selling school land to developers to pay for renovations. One of the schools facing the loss is Pelmo Park in Weston.

According to The Star, Pelmo may be forced to sell 2.9 acres of land—about one-third of its property. The proceeds would be used to put money into the board’s capital budget, which has been frozen by the provincial government. The school board says it has a $3 billion dollar capital debt and a $30 million capital deficit.

Chris Tonks, our trustee, said that he was unable to discuss the particulars of the proposal until after the meeting tonight, but added “I am opposed to any severance and sale of Pelmo Park Public School green space if proposed. In any event, any recommendation by TDSB staff to sever land at any school property should be brought out to the communities that are impacted”.