Perfect Blend: A perfect spend

Perfect Blend at 1971 Weston Road.
Perfect Blend at 1971 Weston Road.

As many of you already may know, Perfect Blend has finally opened! This café is snuggled between Elsmere and John Street, beside the TD bank. If you’re looking for a charming coffee joint while avoiding the Timmie’s at Lawrence’s greasy food pit, then this is the place for you.

The menu consists of coffees, juices, teas, salads, sandwiches, crepes, ice cream, pastries, and the such. A surprisingly cute item I spotted was the ‘Wake Up Weston’ breafkast crepe. Baskets of freshly baked bagels and various breads await your choosing, and pasta sauces can be purchased as well.

What makes Perfect Blend more inviting is the reasonable price range. Pastries remain under the $4 mark, and coffee is between $4 – $5, depending on type and size. Of course, this is isn’t your normal coffeshop franchise (thankfully), so be prepared to squeeze out that extra buck on your meal – it’ll be worth it.

Upon walking through the glass door, the relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere of this quaint space instantly washes over you. Shades of brown cover the walls and floors, and are contrasted with splashes of orange accents. A glass display case houses baked goods, from croissants to decadent chocolate cakes. Ornate lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling and natural light pouring in from the big window brighten up the cozy café. Jazz music plays quietly over the din of the coffee maker. I was instantly in love.

Greeted by easy-going, smiling staff, I ordered myself a caramel macchiato latte (with no knowledge of what a macchiato is), hot chocolate, and a slice of chocolate cake with a name I connected spiritually to – ‘Chocolate Devotion’.

Caramel Macchiato Latte.

After years of buildling a Tim-Hortons-based standard of what hot beverages I deemed acceptable, the hot chocolate and caramel latte brew me away. Never again shall I fork over $4 for a water-downed ‘Caramel Dream Latte’ again – this concotion, topped with an intricate foam-and-caramel design, pleasantly surprised me. The hot chocolate could only be described as a celestial experience of drinking smooth, liquid chocolate; no strange powder or thick, syrupy residue stained the bottom of the glass. The Chocolate Devotion obviously did not disappoint.

Having already attracted a few regulars, the place was bustling with young moms and elderly couples chatting over stylish white plates of sandwiches and salads. The baristas sparked friendly and casual conversation with us, and made sure our experience was smooth.

Perfect Blend adds that extra ‘omph’ of clean, modern charm to the Weston community; something we’ve needed for a while. And ever-so-eloquently stated by ‘bobyouruncle’ in the comment section of a previous Perfect Blend post, this place is definitely better than Starbucks.


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The Victory Community Credit Union, now at their new location at 2011 Lawrence Avenue West, Suite 11. Stop by and meet Weston’s best bankers!

Mount Dennis ‘On the rise’; Weston, not so much.

According to BlogTO, Mount Dennis is in the top 5 of Toronto ‘neighbourhoods on the rise’. The reason given for their optimism is the upcoming development of the Kodak lands, the new Crosstown LRT and the emergence of Supercoffee and the Nyctophilia art installation.

Here in Weston, things should also be on the rise – although on Boxing Day, a rather large oaf decided that a Weston Road shop doorway would be the perfect place to waddle from his SUV and vomit in a shop doorway. When the store owners protested, they received a foul tirade for their trouble. Perhaps it is the run-down air of Weston Road that makes people feel entitled to do this. We’re almost into January and there are still leaves and litter piled up under the benches at Weston and Lawrence. Perhaps Weston Village BIA could put some money towards a more regular street cleaning.


On a more positive note, the long awaited Perfect Blend Bakery and coffee shop is now hiring.



It’s not all doom and gloom

Could this be a sign of an upturn?

This building at Weston and Pantelis Kalamaris Lane recently housed a jeweller, hair salon and shoe store. After a tasteful restoration outside and renovation inside, It is ready for new tenants, one of whom will be ‘Perfect Blend Bakery & Espresso Bar’. My next door neighbour will be pleased as he’s always complaining about the lack of cappuccino in Weston.