Peter the Barber moving

The movers had better come prepared. And they’d better hate the Habs.

After 44 years in business, Weston anchor Peter The Barber is moving his world-renowned, ultra-famous shrine to the Leafs (and barbershop) around the corner, to Peter Kalamaris Lane.

Peter got a great write-up in The Star yesterday.

Peter says on his website,

After 44 years, always being the same number of seats from the barber chair, or the lollipop box located by the counter or walking around the turnstile from MLG instead of going through it, hosting the Stanley Cup and Vezina trophy […]

We’re moving…..but not out of the neighbourhood. WESTON IS OUR HOME. YOU ARE OUR EXTENDED FAMILY.


Heart and soul.
memories and dreams.
Haircuts and hockey.
Barber shop and museum.

Peter the Barber to be honoured with a lane name

Pantelis Kalamaris, better known as Peter the Barber, will be honoured with a lane bearing his name. The road, which runs from  from John Street to Elsmere Avenue, will be called “Pantelis Kalamaris Lane”.

Peter the Barber was a local fixture until his death last year. He owned and ran the Maple Leaf themed barbershop on John. It was a challenge to get his name on a street, though; proponents had wanted the most westerly section of John to be renamed for him, but that was overruled by the city.

Though staff also opposed renaming the laneway for Peter, they were overruled by Etobicoke York Community Council and by City Council this week.