Weston covered in yellow cards

Four food establishments in Weston were given yellow cards by Toronto Public health in December: the Weston King Neighbourhood Centre, Sang Restaurant, Poon’s Express, and Bonita Family Restaurant.

The WKNC was carded for not ensuring that food was not contaminated, not maintaining the washer, not providing supplies at the sinks, not preventing pests, not having a thermometer, and not properly washing equipment.

Sang was dinged for not maintaining safe food temperatures, which is a very serious offense. They were also carded for not using proper utensils, not washing equipment, not washing up surfaces, and a couple of equipment transgressions.


Poon’s Express, across the street, was not keeping food preparation equipment in good repair. It, too, got a yellow card.


The Bonita Family Restaurant wasn’t properly maintaining its mechanical equipment and got a yellow card for its lack of effort.