Weston and Lawrence red light camera is operational.

Weston has some incredible human resources. One of them is Hans Havermann who writes an excellent blog filled with local and mathematical entries. He keeps me honest whenever I give research short shrift and stray too far from reality.

One such occasion concerns red light cameras. Silly me for expecting that when the City of Toronto’s website said recently we have 77 red light cameras, it must be true. Apparently it’s not even close as there are now 125 in operation (it’s still not enough). The site has been updated recently with a more accurate number. Not only that but the anticipated red light camera at Weston Road and Lawrence Avenue is now on their list and operational. Other local cameras are at Jane and Bala / Emmet Avenue,  and Keele and Lawrence.

A belated thank you Hans for continuing to keep me honest and yes, you do owe me a beer.


Red light camera coming to Weston and Lawrence

From 730.ca

There is a list of 79 proposed red light camera locations for 2017 and the busy, diagonal intersection of Weston Road and Lawrence is on it. The cameras cost around $100,000 each but no doubt recoup more than their cost in the long run. Many pedestrians use the intersection and the camera may make things safer for them.

Red light cameras only photograph vehicles that enter an intersection after the light has turned red. Motorists nabbed while running a red light are politely requested to cough up a $325.00 fine. For the last five years, Toronto has run 77 RLCs and their statistics are here. Based on the data, accidents at intersections have been significantly reduced where RLCs are used. There is a FAQ list here.

Hopefully, this is not the only council decision that will be based on data this year.