Remember Leonard Arthur

Able Seaman Leonard Arthur was from Mount Dennis. The 22-year-old son of Freeman and Alice died in the St Lawrence River when the HMCS Charlottetown was sunk on September 11, 1942. He died within sight of shore.


A German U-Boat, the U-517, sank the Charlottetown in broad daylight as she was returning to base; it stalked Canadian ships in the Gulf of St Lawrence in September, 1942, sinking nine before she returned to Europe.

Most of the crew survived. Leonard Arthur was probably killed when the depth charges the boat was carrying exploded as the ship sank.

Arthur’s name, along with the names of 54 other young men from the community, is inscribed on the memorial plaque which hangs in Weston CI.

Thanks to Anne and the  Weston Alumni Association.


Remembrance ceremony this Sunday

Westminster United Church will be having a Remembrance Day ceremony this Sunday at 1 pm at the cenotaph in Little Avenue Park.

In the press release, Rev. Douglas Varey says,

Remembrance Day season this year is a time to honour the over 150 Canadian personnel have died in Afghanistan.  Master Cpl. Byron Greff was killed there just last week.  We stand in solidarity with Forces personnel who are currently fulfilling their responsibilities in a difficult and dangerous situation.

In our prayers we will also express our concern and support for service personnel who are returning to Canada with physical, mental and psychological challenges.  Such suffering is having a profound effect on their lives and on their families.”