Toronto Public Health sweeps through Weston

Toronto Public Health seems to have gone for a stroll up Weston Road. Most of the food-serving businesses passed comfortably, but two establishments took yellow cards for being, well, barf-inducingly disgusting.

Seif Halal food market at 2371 Weston was carded for not ensuring food safety, not providing hot and cold running water, not having towels in the food area, not having a thermometer in the food area, allowing employees to wear filthy clothing while preparing food and for, finally, not producing the food safety report—which was, ironically, a green-card pass. (No longer!)

China China restaurant was practically Michelinian in comparison. They only had trouble… let’s see… using soap, cleaning the toilet, keeping hair out of the food, and keeping the food off the ground. No big deal, really.