Noise wall group releases manifesto

The Junction Triangle Rail Committee won a meeting with Transportation Minister Glenn Murray, and they have just released their eminently reasonable demands. The group has been pushing for an improvement to the wall designs released by Metrolinx, which are (in your humble correspondent’s view) community-shattering, graffiti-magnet works of the shadow lord. The JTRC wants to make lemonade out the lemons the UP Express has given us. The train tracks should, they say, “create public amenities for the neighbourhoods adjacent to the rail corridor and city at large” by “reconnecting communities and creating new routes through the city.” They say Metrolinx should cancel the current plan and:

  • Build only the 3-kilometres of noise walls mandated by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.
  • Study green walls that would be an alternative the concrete and plexiglass barriers.
  • Replace the trees that they have cut down and plant “10,000 trees along the 21-kilometre corridor”
  • Use the corridor as a bike and walking path to link communities instead of dividing them

Your correspondent despairs that Westonians don’t seem to give a damn about the shadow lord’s walls. Are we that tired of fighting?