Jarryl Hagley’s murderers get life sentences

The murderers of Jarryl Hagley, 17, at the Weston Pizza Pizza will serve at least 25 years in prison before they get the chance for parole. Brothers Lenneil and Shakiyl Shaw, both 25, and Mohamed Ali-Nur, 21, were convicted of first-degree murder two weeks ago and sentenced today.

The Hagley’s family and friends read their victim impact statements for several hours before the judge sentenced them.

Hagley was killed in late 2016 while he sat with friends in the Pizza Pizza. The murderers charged into the restaurant and shot at him with a shotgun and a pistol. Hagley was shot in the chest.

The killers’ escape was caught on video, and they were convicted in part on the testimony of an accomplice, whose car was used in the crime.

Jarryl Hagley’s accused killers on trial

The three men accused of the murder of Jarryl Hagley, in Weston’s Pizza Pizza, are on trial.

Shakiyl Shaw, his twin brother Lenneil Shaw  and Mohamed Ali-Nur are alleged to have shot Hagley, 17, in 2016. A fourth man, Winston Poyser, who owned the car used and was present at the time is testifying against the three others.

Hagley was shot and killed in Pizza Pizza when two men burst in and started firing a shotgun and a handgun. A third man was outside as a lookout. Their escape was caught on video afterwards.

Hagley had been involved in an ongoing dispute with the men, according to police. He was also known to police.