Church St update

Dan Harris sent along the response he received from city staff regarding the traffic islands on Church St. It’s good-ish news.

Staff say that there won’t be traffic islands, which—in my opinion—is a blessing. The streets are too narrow.

City staff also said that they had hoped to alternate the placement of islands on the south and north sides of the street but “Unfortunately this was not possible as the TTC required two buses to be able to pass each other at the same time”.

They also left open the possibility that the the islands could be better placed in the future when the road is repaved: “with any future road rehabilitation, the islands can be incorporated, like on Riverside Drive.”

City says no humps on John

A survey of John Street residents between Pine and Elm fell 1% short of the required 60% approval rate to get speed humps installed.

Staff only recommend humps if more than half of residents respond, and if more than 60% agree with humps. In this case, 55% of residents responded, but 59% of those said they wanted humps—1% less than is required.

Etobicoke York Community Council will consider the issue on February 5.