Refugees may be housed in Humber Hospital

According to the CBC, Syrian refugees may soon be coming to Weston.

[Health Minister] Hoskins says while the federal government looks at housing options such as military bases, the provincial government is looking at recently decommissioned hospitals as one option — some of them in the GTA.

“We have a new Humber River Hospital, for example, that moved from three sites into one and the new Oakville Hospital will be moving out of their existing premises,” Hoskins told CBC News. “I’m not saying that is what will necessarily result in one of the places for accommodation but those are the opportunities I think we need to look at.”

The hospital was decommissioned in October and has been empty since. Councillor Nunziata has asked the province to ensure that it will not be sold to the highest bidder and will  forevermore be used for health care. One presumes this is not quite what she had in mind.

Ontario has promised to settle 10,000 of the 25,000 refugees Canada has said it will admit. The Church Street site had approximately 200 beds, however.