Weston real estate going gangbusters

While the whipsawing stock market might make Westonians weep, the real estate market should provide some comfort. It seems like the rest of the GTA is starting to appreciate Weston as much as we do. In the most recent figures from the Toronto Real Estate Board, houses in Weston’s area, ‘W4’, appreciated dramatically.

The typical home in Weston’s area sold for  $356,000, a whopping 14.5% increase over last year’s price. In Toronto, homes are typically more expensive ($475,717), but prices increased only half as much last year—though still at a breathtaking 7.4%.

The average price of a detached home in W4 was  $449,856, and the median house was $425,000 (the prices differ because a few expensive houses bring the average price up.) Detached houses in the Weston area, then, are still among the least expensive in Toronto. The typical detached house in Toronto was $550,000.