Monster LED billboard coming to Weston

A Planning Department photo rendering of the proposed sign.

The 18.6 square metre billboard on CN property along Lawrence Avenue east of Weston Road may soon be replaced by a (nearly twice as large) LED display billboard.

According to Dave Meslin’s blog.

The new signs are much much more intrusive, brighter, and larger than anything we’ve ever seen in these neighbourhoods.

The city Planning Committee is recommending the approval of ten of these much bigger and brighter signs along the CN Rail utility corridor to replace some existing billboards while removing others (for now). This is being done at the urging of Blair Murdoch of outdoor advertising firm Allvision. Apparently since neighbourhoods along the CN line already put up with noise and diesel pollution, the additional light pollution will hardly be noticeable.

No doubt Allvision and the Planning Committee were hoping that the signs would be quietly approved. As a result of a deputation from concerned citizens, a consultation meeting regarding the LED billboards will be held at City Hall (2nd Floor, Committee Room 1) on Wednesday, December 14th from 6:30 – 9:30 pm.