UPX fares to plummet

Well, holy shit.

You’ll soon have all-day, 15-minute service downtown for $6, if the Globe and Mail is to be believed. Metrolinx is slashing fares on the UPX .

Sources say that people would be able to ride the train from Union station to Bloor west or Weston for the equivalent of GO rail fares, which would mean the price dropping to under $6 from around $11 to $15.

My heart is racing. Really. My mind is spinning.

If this is true—a big if—nothing could be better for this corner of the city. We will soon have affordable, express transit downtown and midtown, and a connection with the subway. This could be the beginning of something great in Weston. We could be a commuter centre, with affordable housing and easy connections to the highway and downtown.

Air Rail Link renamed.

Among the many announcements this week by Metrolinx was an odd piece of news. The Blue22 Air Rail Link has been renamed the Union-Pearson Express. Yes, the U.P. Express. Say it out loud.

It is your humble correspondent’s opinion that the name “Union-Pearson Express” was a name conceived by the seven-year-old son of one of some unwitting GO Transit executive. Well played, little man. Well played. You’ve made millions of travellers from all around the world laugh out loud at us. I hope none of them gets arrested when they ask where they can catch a UP express.